About us

Welcome to BATA UK

Our ambition is to bring an end to rogue traders and provide contact details of those who can prove as being trusted, honest, courteous and reliable in their particular field of work.

Our members cover every trade and associated trades in the building industry.

We suggest to all those applying for membership and those looking for trusted tradesmen to consider our competitors. Perhaps a brave statement but a proven point for those wishing to fully evaluate the extensive opportunities in the market place.

Our service is free to customers looking for qualified and trusted traders, but more importantly is an affordable service to smaller traders trades which are as least as good as the larger firms, but perhaps more realistically priced, offering better value for money, but still providing an exceptional high standard of work.

Our objective is to work with businesses operated by sole proprietors and larger firms with up to a maximum of 10 employees.

We do have exceptional circumstances for even larger firms dependant on their structure and management capabilities.

We firmly believe that the size the proposed work is particularly important and relative to the type and size of firm required. In the field of small works, many of the sole proprietors and small firms, maintain lower costs with outstanding value and customer service. Needless to say that larger projects are better handle by larger organisations with the required back up and financial support, hence our specialist field is to provide a fully vetted and accredited service for smaller projects by smaller firms, those who perhaps can ill afford the costs involved in joining our competitors.

It should never be forgotten that all firms joining companies such as ourselves and other federations and organisations, pass on all the membership costs to the end user, therefore a smaller firm trading under the VAT threshold may well be just as good if not better than the larger household names. It would be fair to say that such cost examples can often be based on the initial “call out” cost which often relate to the size of the organisations.

An example might be that it would perhaps not be necessary to call out a large well known name to replace a pair of taps.

Reputation is everything and everyone has to start somewhere, all can start with having an accreditation behind them, if they haven’t then perhaps you should look elsewhere.