How we check prospective members

Our vetting process is undertaken by our specialist team and starts with proof of Identity, qualifications, addresses, legal status and contact details. Once assured of the persons/s we are dealing with an initial interview takes place, at which time the the person/s has the opportunity of detailing their background in the field of work they specialise. We require evidence of insurance, any qualifications and detailed information on completed works. From the list of completed works we randomly select up to 10 previous customers, whom we contact for references and inspect a minimum of 4 jobs to ascertain the quality and satisfaction from start to finish.

Do BATA offer any guarantee or assume any responsibility for works carries out?

Responsibility lies with the contractor at all times. We do however carry out random checks from the start of membership and will cancel a members registration if for any reason, something does not meet our standards. We also request feedbacks from customers and regular reports from contractors. Our obligation is to ensure vetting and monitoring on a regular basis to ensure our standards are upheld at all times.

Is our vetting process and membership confidential?

Our membership and customer details remain confidential. This allows us to ensure recommendations are 100% up to date and that we recommend the correct tradesmen for the particular type of work required and avoid trades and customers being unnecessarily contacted to no avail. Should a contractor fail to disclose customer details we would regard this as questionable and would require an explanation. We provide customer and contractors details to each other as they have directed on the request form.

We regularly request up to date information from contractors and feedback from customers.


We welcome both good and bad feedback from all parties, to ensure our recommendations are fully up to date. We publish confidentially testimonials randomly selected.

Finding a trade

Finding a suitable contractor is simple. Completing our form either by post or on line, will allow us to ensure we are providing the details of who we can safely recommend. This service can also be requested by phone and is free of charge. The customer has the choice of our informing a contractor of the request or advising the customer of contacts we can recommend, leaving the customer to make contact. Realistically we may not be in a position to recommend a contractor in either a certain area or for a certain type of contract, in this event you will be advised. If a customer finds a contractor and would prefer were vetted prior to engagement, we can assist, please contact us for further information.

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