Terms and Standards required for membership.

  • Keep appointments and arrive on time, keeping customers advised at all times.
  • Be realistic about start and completion dates.
  • Be courteous and respectful at all times and return phone messages promptly.
  • Create variations orders from the original agreement, signed by both parties.
  • Deal with complaints promptly and professionally.
  • Never be verbally or physically abusive or threatening to a customer.
  • Ensure honesty and trust in all dealings with your customer.
  • Try to maintain utility supplies required by the customer during works.
  • Maintain public liability insurance.
  • Only undertake works that are within your capabilities.
  • Use only reputable sub-contractors, whom are known to you.
  • Agree all payment terms with the customer, prior to commencement.
  • Provide written receipt for completed works.
  • Issue guarantees on completion, if applicable.
  • Ensure all works meet the standards and requirements of local authorities.
  • Not cause unnecessary delays to the completion of works.
  • Notify us of any complaints or testimonials.

By applying for membership you agree to uphold the Terms and Standards as detailed above, whilst not all points are relevant to certain jobs, we require acceptance of the above principal.

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